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Our acoustic fabric is acoustically transparent and breathable. It is also fire-rated and certified to be eco-friendly. We also offer the full range of Camira Fabrics and Guilford of Maine.


With our open frame technology, our acoustic frames are up to 81% lighter and has a total absorption surface of up to 80.6% greater.


We introduced the world's first dual membrane bass trap. Each of our bass traps is installed with a damped membrane and a pressure membrane for maximum low frequency absorption.


We employ an algorithm that is based on empirically tested data to derive optimum airflow resistivities that is unique to our acoustic panels and bass traps.
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Acoustic foam by Woolyx


What people think of Woolyx

I must say that Aural-Aid’s products are very effective.

The MOABs and Corner Traps were superb in controlling my room booming issues. Everyone could immediately hear the difference. The background was quieter, and the instruments and vocals were more defined and clearer.

The next improvement came when I installed the Hybrid Panels on the early reflection points on the side walls. The music and vocals became more focused.

The icing on the cake was when I finally “cloud mounted” one of the Hybrid Panels. The effect of that was simply stunning. It made the music truly concert-hall like. Best upgrade I ever made.

I ordered the MOABs and placed them in the living room. I didn’t expect much as my room was well treated with wall and Ecophon ceiling panels close to $5,000 so I told myself that the MOABs won’t make much difference. Well, I was very wrong.

Despite the heavy investment in room treatment, there was a modal issue at 68Hz that I could not eliminate. This standing wave was so powerful that my ceiling rattles during music passages. However, with the MOABs placed at the corners, the standing wave was subdued. The soundstage became more distinct and 3D, and the music was more articulate. It elevated my system to a whole new level.

I purchased a new upright piano, and the overtone reverberations were too boomy and muddy. I considered a few brand name products such as the Yamaha Acoustic Conditioning Panel. At the same time, I came across Aural-Aid’s acoustic panels and compared their sound absorption coefficients with that of Yamaha’s panels. The Aural-Aid panels had better absorption coefficients and that made my decision. I bought 2 Hybrid Panels, which I placed in the gap between the wall and the piano. Immediately, the panel worked wonders and the tones of the piano improved drastically. The piano now sounds much clearer and more pleasant to my ears. Thumbs up!

The fabric wall panels with fibreglass wool acoustical treatment has helped to improve the sound environment of the counselling rooms at SMU. It has significantly reduced some of the sounds from the concourse and outside of the rooms. After the acoustic treatment, I can focus better when I’m engaged with a student in the room. I also do not have to worry too much about others over-hearing the conversations that I have inside the counselling rooms. Overall, the acoustic treatment has enabled a significant cutting down of external sounds by at least 70%. I am pleased with the acoustical improvement compared to before the Aural-Aid panels were installed.